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February 25, 2012 – Smelly manžel

It was stupidly hot on Saturday (try 38°C) so we went to the local pool. Hot weather tends to breed odour so I thought it was relevant to point this out on the day.

My husband/significant other is half Czech so for the purpose of this blog he’ll hence be known as manžel, Czech for husband.


February 24, 2012 – Tracks on the wall

Street art can happen in the unlikeliest of places.

Today was another bright sunny day in Melbourne and the light reflecting off the paint on the highside makes this seem a little eerie.

The tracks on the wall graces the northern side of Le Contraste a vintage wares store on Union st, Windsor.

February 23, 2012 – Young tree

The foliage is just turning brown on the outer edges and the conquers are also looking ready to drop.

The effect of the sun in this shot is powerful. Melbourne’s summer has given us a sweet supply of days with brilliant sunshine that I’ve been able to amble about in.

February 22, 2012 – Como centre roof

At the cinema again this Wednesday, but went with a couple of the ladies from my mothers group to Palace Como.

The roof at the Como centre caught my eye and the tower behind it almost leaning over the building. I realise at the moment that most of what is attracting me is the simplicity and beauty in patterns. My daughter is attracted to patterns at the moment too (she’s 9 1/2 weeks), perhaps that’s why I’m seeing these details?

Film review: We caught MY WEEK WITH MARILYN; I felt the relationship between Colin and Marilyn wasn’t believable and the pacing was too slow, however Michelle Williams was fantastic – hasn’t she come a long way since DAWSON’S CREEK?

February 21, 2012 – Reflections & me

This shot reminds me of  a multiple exposure shot. Standing on the corner of Chapel & Union sts, outside a vintage store called Le Contraste I was able to get street traffic, me and passers-by on both sides of the corner by snapping through the glass. I think its created a great shot where I notice new detail each time I study it.

February 20, 2012 – The gate

Amelia sleeps in the pram at the entry to Grattan Gardens in Prahran. I liked the dark and ominous atmosphere, the rough looking gate, pigeons in the distance.

February 19, 2012 – Polish

We ventured to our closest shopping centre Chadstone (“the fashion capital” darling) to get some help with iTunes, iCloud and synching at the Apple store. While we were at Chadstone I enjoyed 40 minutes of pedicure and sweet nothingness. I snuck this shot in just before they shut up shop at the nail salon.