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Archive for March, 2012

March 29, 2012 – Sunset

The beginning of a beautiful sunset over the lagoon at Twin Waters.

The sun pops out from behind rain clouds a few times each day, lucky for me, the clouds parted at the perfect moment.


March 28, 2012 – Rippling water

Holiday at the Sunshine coast!

Everything is so tropical and it still feels like summer here.

This shot makes the pool look so inviting and silky.

March 27, 2012 – “Muscle Boy”, Grosvenor Reserve

I pulled the pram over for an unscheduled feed today and stumbled upon Grosvenor Reserve (god bless google maps on iphone).

This pumped up Muscle Boy is a sculpture by local artist David Bromley.

March 26, 2012 – Red Lion Hotel

This fantastic old hotel is now residential apartments.

A quick google turned up an article published in The Argus on on April 20, 1888, referencing the Red Lion Hotel.  The publican, Mrs Catherine Francis was charged with having the bar open on a Sunday (oh the horror).

Less than a year later, she passed away and her wake was held at the Red Lion. The funeral notice was also published in The Argus.

March 25, 2012 – Darkened Orange

Orange is one of the other cafes in my local area I tend to frequent.

It’s very dark and moody inside and this filter enhances the contrast.

March 24, 2012 – Old and older

I thought this pair looked like father and son when I snuck up behind them to take this shot. They both have an innate sense of style.

March 23, 2012 – Oil drum art

I spotted this oil drum outside an abandoned warehouse and thought that it was actually a really unique piece of art.

Sometimes the most ugly, washed up junk can be artful to someone.

We’ve also had a council clean-up in our area this week; I get so excited seeing what people might have decided to do-away with. It fills me with the feeling of possibility.