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August 4, 2012 – Skeleton tiles

If you want an “it” restaurant in Melbourne it almost certainly needs to be a Mexican one. Salsas and Mad Mex have the tex-mex covered but restaurants like Mamasita and Señoritas step it up a bit and offer more sophisticated Mexican fare. I have never been able to get a table at Mamasita (I’ve got a baby – when I get a babysitter – time is money!) but Saturday night we tried the latter where you can book a table in advance. The decor was fantastic (as above in the toilets) and the restaurant had a great vibe and the food was good, but I don’t really get the love affair with Mexican cuisine – it really didn’t floor me.

For those interested in reading more about the use of the Mexican Day of the Dead imagery used at Señoritas here is an informative post from the WordPress blog Black Calavera: The Skull Project.


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