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Two fantastic & creative ladies/bloggers pramramble and 2010photo inspired me to start this photo blog.

I’m a 30-something female exploring the world around me with cameras in tow; iPhone 3GS [and the multitude of apps available], Canon Powershot G12 and Holga.

I feel blessed and still a little stumped about how my body nutured, grew and gave birth to an amazing humanoid in late 2011.

So don’t hate me for saying it, as I’m not an ingrate, hateful or lacking for “stuff” to do – but being a stay-at-home mum can be boring. [Washing dishes/clothes/baby/me are the nuts & bolts of a mothers life]. The responsibilities and duties of full-time work raced around my head for so long that, now, with a little more thinking time on my hands, I found my brain required alternative stimulation.

Taking a photo each day is the opportunity I’m grabbing to channel my energies – will this expand my creativity again? I hope so, but it’s all baby steps (pardon the pun).

All images © Shelley Whyte.


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  1. I love stay-at-home moms who try everyday to be creative. I’m glad you are out there rocking it. Thanks for stopping by and giving my blog a follow, I appreciate it.

    August 11, 2012 at 11:11 am

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