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May 18, 2012 – Wires in the sky

Major suburban intersections are chaos in the sky. I’m always marvelling at the tapestry & detail in the tram wires, especially at corners like this where trams turn.

It looks a bit random on the surface – but I’m sure it’s very precise.


March 26, 2012 – Red Lion Hotel

This fantastic old hotel is now residential apartments.

A quick google turned up an article published in The Argus on on April 20, 1888, referencing the Red Lion Hotel.  The publican, Mrs Catherine Francis was charged with having the bar open on a Sunday (oh the horror).

Less than a year later, she passed away and her wake was held at the Red Lion. The funeral notice was also published in The Argus.

March 17, 2012 – Feet in the air

Lazy Saturday afternoon reading Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close in bed. Between chapters, I was snapping shots around the bedroom.