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September 7, 2012 – Country storm

On the road outside Canberra. I love the different textures here, the black softness of the clouds, the grasses and the raindrops on the window as we sped down the highway.


August 23, 2012 – After the storm

Just the hint of a rainbow after a big storm with hail today.

August 14, 2012 – Rainy road


July 27, 2012 – Sleepy street

There is a sweet little deli around the corner from our place. Windsor Deli is run by Alan and Kat you can always be guaranteed good coffee and a smile by them and their staff.

Amelia and I sat inside today to avoid the rain while I enjoyed my morning coffee.

June 16, 2012 – Wet wattle

The first day proper of a week in Sydney and it pours with rain. I got into a raincoat, bundled Amelia into the pram and set out on the footpaths of my youth around the area my parents live. Every step I took brought back so many memories.

Among the memories, I found this beautiful new season wattle.

May 25, 2012 – Rain in rear view

We went on a wet, wet, wet roadtrip.

May 3, 2012 – Raindrops

I love this image. The delicate concentric circles from the raindrops continually make the puddle just that little bit larger.