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August 9, 2012 – Our shadow

Me and Amelia (in the baby carrier) in the afternoon sun.


July 20, 2012 – Self-portrait in bathroom

Most of the time when I choose a self-portrait in this ‘ere blog, it’s because I don’t shoot much that day or my inspiration is low. But today, I really love this shot.

Because; a) I really like the shape of the mirror in the shot and the potted plant leaves leading the eye, b) I was out, at night, at a bar and I felt freedom and wanted to capture that.

Kid Boston is a restaurant/bar that opened up earlier this year on Chapel st – they serve my favourite, Pisco Sour, that reminds me of a great day manzel and I spent in Lima – they are great people, have good tunes plus a groovy toilet (seriously!) just like this one.


July 8, 2012 – Teapot

I spotted Amelia and I in the teapot. Can you spot us too?

June 25, 2012 – Self-portrait deconstructed

I turned the camera on myself (as is my custom) late on Monday night as I hadn’t yet taken any shots for the day.

June 4, 2012 – Bathroom self portrait

To be honest, I hardly got out of the house today – the weather was dreadful! So it was late at night and I often snap self-portraits in moments of boredom or when viewing things with a “creative eye” feels out of reach.

May 24, 2012 – Mirrors

It’s hard to get a true picture of where the mirrors are and what is in this shot. I really like the mystery of it.

May 14, 2012 – Today I wore a hat

Today I wore a hat.