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August 11, 2012 – Face on the wall

More cool street art & some random tagging.


August 8, 2012 – Street wee

Ha ha. Someone is playing smart with their street art in this alcove off Chapel st.

July 30, 2012 – RTIST gallery

I stroll down St Edmunds Rd a few times each week, but normally I walk on the other side of the road.  Sometimes a different perspective can really open your eyes, as today I saw RTIST gallery in its full glory.

Now I just have to head inside.

July 13, 2012 – Trapeze

The side wall of Orange cafe in Duke st had a major facelift this week with several street artists using the wall as their canvas.

This trapeze (unless anyone has another suggestion?) artist hangs gracefully from one of the pipes protruding from the wall. It’s a very clever piece.

July 7, 2012 – Fence art

We enjoyed a family outing to Fitzroy/Collingwood neighbourhood so I could get a haircut! But the best part of the day was a leisurely lunch in the sunshine.

This fence art is one of several circular installations along the fence of the awesome cubbies at the Fitzroy adventure playground. It’s located on the Atherton Gardens Estate and provides a critical support to disadvantaged children and families.


June 28, 2012 – Alley

This is a grimy back-alley and there are always bins of stinky rubbish from Chapel st restaurants just near where I took this shot. I really like this shot today.

June 14, 2012 – Anywhere

I like the stained glass, the ghostly figure walking through the shot, the graffiti and the stencil art and the lines of the building – I love it’s anywhere-ness.